What this is, is the first book ever on British classic rock band UFO. The book is bloody nice looking (although no pictures), 257 pages long. LOADS of information spread o'er about 125,000 words.

Included is a pile of previously unpublished stuff from my many interviews over the years with Phil Mogg, Pete Way, Michael Schenker, Paul Chapman, Neil Carter, Paul Raymond, Atomic Tommy, Danny Peyronel and a bunch of other guys.

Like the BOC and the Rush, the format is album by album, song by song - I don't think there are any songs, from the debut through to You Are Here, that don't get talked about by me or the guys or both. In and around that though, there is lots of tour talk, gettin' inside the guys' heads (lots of Schenker in that respect), and of course, some tales revolving (spinning?) around the demons drug and drink.

I love UFO.

Also included is a full band discography with virtually all the side-project and solo stuff included; song titles as well.

Note: I'll be signing the book to you from me, so let me know if it's a present or whatever for somebody else!


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