Wild Mood Swings: Disintegrating The Cure Album by Album is my new panel discussion book looking at every studio album by The Cure. Every song is discussed at length, with lots of analysis of lyrics, production, instrumentation, album cover art, personnel changes and assorted Cure dramas. Included are memorabilia shots and an eight-page colour section.

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Wild Mood Swings: Disintegrating The Cure Album by Album

Wild Mood Swings: Disintegrating The Cure Album by Album, Martin Popoff’s innovative new project on iconic post-punk pioneers The Cure, celebrates 50 years now since key actor of the band Robert Smith got hold of his first guitar.

And the form this celebration takes is a critical analysis of the band’s 13 studio albums, utilizing a panel of thoughtful and engaging music critics culled from the author’s and Marco D’Auria’s video channel, The Contrarians. Presented in easy-to-read Q&A format, Martin gathers these wise music swamis into small teams with an aim toward deconstructing and reassembling each album, hopefully generating myriad new ways for the reader and Cure fan to appreciate the band’s seminal records, beginning with Three Imaginary Boys in 1979 and ending with 4:13 Dream in 2008.

As bonus to the discussion, Popoff has created a detailed timeline linked to each album, echoing the format used for his many celebrated visual biographies issued through Wymer Publishing in recent years. There are also memorabilia shots throughout, including 45 sleeves and CD singles, as well as an eight-page colour section.

The end result presents a fresh methodology with which to consider a band’s catalogue, with the hope being that the mix of hard chronological reference material and freewheeling opinion, review and analysis makes for a lively celebration of—and subsequent richer appreciation for—everything Robert Smith has done for millions of Cure fans around the world, much of it therapeutic, redemptive and in so many inspiring instances, urgently life-saving.

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