This is my assembled panel analysis of every studio album by Blue Öyster Cult.

Okay kids, I love how this turned out. This is a rock-solid, action-packed, 306-page (plus colour section) monster of a critical review book that I thoroughly stand by.

It’s twice as long as the Cure one and my panel of 13 experts crush it. Fact is, sure, I’ve done two (three, if you count Flaming Telepaths) BÖC books, but I had no problem drawing great value out of interviewing these cats and delighting in what they had to say.

So yes, special thanks go to my panel of wise music swami—John Alapick, Jim Bacchi, Rich Davenport, John Gaffney, Sean Kelly, Rick LaBonte, Jamie Laszlo, Reed Little, Steven Reid, Bill Schuster, Nick S. Squire, Henry Tenney, Matt Thompson—who repeatedly said things that enriched my enjoyment and understanding of this band. I also extend my thanks to Agustin Garcia de Paredes for his usual enthusiastic copy-editing before the files head off to my publisher.

As the back cover sez:

In Dominance and Submission: The Blue Öyster Cult Canon, three-time BC book author Martin Popoff turns the microphone away from himself to moderate a gathered and esteemed panel of Cult experts for deep-dive discussions on every Blue Öyster Cult studio album. No stone is left unturned, as we look at the personalities in the band, every song, every album cover, the band’s highly regarded lyrics as poetry, their music as ground-breaking and genre-defying.

Dominance and Submission is set-up in Q&A format, allowing for pure and piercing prose that is also conversational and easy-access. In the end, the author is confident that the wise words from this cabal of music authorities—with Popoff not pulling any punches either, joining in the fun when the door is opened—will have you playing the band’s “canon” with a renewed appreciation as to the complexity laced throughout such albums as Tyranny and Mutation, Agents of Fortune—with its career defining hit “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”—Spectres, Fire of Unknown Origin and the daunting Imaginos. But have no fear, Martin and his team have taken us right up to the band’s effusively received comeback album, The Symbol Remains, bringing band and fan full circle—umlauts included, of course.

Finally, augmenting the learning (and listening) experience, Dominance and Submission provides a plethora of images that make these essays on the band’s 15 albums that much more visceral. Bottom line: if you thought Martin had covered everything you need to know in his definitive Agents of Fortune: The Blue Oyster Cult Story, think again—the analysis proffered by his panel even sent Popoff back to the sacred texts for a rock ‘n’ roll re-imagining. If he’s been made smarter by what these guys have to say, you will be too.

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