Details for ya: The book is 250 pages long, with quite a few previously never published photos by Rich Galbraith, cover design by Rory Fiorito of Ye Olde Metal fame, plus pictures of ads and tour book pages and album covers from around the world. Love this band… one of my faves (although the Gillan band is even better!). I've interviewed members of Purple around 30 times, and for this one have also talked to another 20 or so fellow rockers about the boys. Thought I'd be provocative as well and put Tommy Bolin on the cover!

What you get is my usual format – one chapter per album, every song examined, lots of looks at the tours as well. Y' know, I think I'm getting better at this as I go, so this is one of my most thorough of the band bios yet. And FYI, I will be doing a book that will cover the '84 reunion to the present as well, but that's a good year off.

But don't take my word for it - here's what the back cover says:

Stormbringer coming!

Deep Purple are responsible for some of the greatest classic crunch rockers of our time, and Getting' Tighter: Deep Purple '68 - '76 examines those songs - all of them - indeed every last recorded track throughout the band's celebrated albums from the '60s and '70s, along with b-sides and key dsolo career moments. Highway Star, Smoke On The Water, Space Truckin', Fireball, Stormbringer, Hush... these are iconic tracks the world over, and herein lie the tales of their fanciful forgings.

Celebrated hard rock journalist has interviewed members of Deep Purple past and present over 30 times. In addition, he's surveyed many of the band's contemporaries, acquaintances and collaborators to bring you the definitive story of the band's early years. Popoff's perceptive critical analysis is also part of the fun, as the complicated story of the band's many hirings and firings unfolds. Prepare to get rocked like Jon Lord's hoary Hammond!

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