This is my most lavish and gorgeously appointed book ever.

  • The hardback cover is printed using neon inks
  • There’s an envelope containing a black and white print and a repro tour poster.
  • There are two fold-outs, a timeline and an illustration
  • The book is housed in a plastic slipcase that is screen-printing and lined in black felt

This however makes for the most expensive book any publisher has designed for me.

In Bowie@75, I first curate and then celebrate 75 David Bowie career highlights, milestones and events good and bad, including in that list of 75, every studio album. Along with the text is a panorama of photography—live shots, studio, memorabilia—of every stripe imaginable, approximately 350 pictures in all.

Here’s the Table of Contents (or close to the final, anyway, i.e. pre-last edit).


Part 1: Pop Singer

  • “Scream Like a Baby:” Born in Brixton.
  • “Teenage Wildlife:” Bromley Technical High School
  • “Boys Keep Swinging:” David receives the punch seen ‘round the world.
  • “There Is a Happy Land:” Bowie sees the release of his first record, a single.
  • “Silly Boy Blue:” David Bowie issues his debut album.
  • “Moonage Daydream:” The Apollo Moon Landing and “Space Oddity”
  • “Wild Eyed Boy from Freecloud:” David Bowie issues his second first album.
  • “All the Young Dudes:” David Bowie and Mick Ronson perform live together for the first time.
  • “Rebel Rebel:” David marries Angela Barnett.
  • “Sons of the Silent Age:” The Man Who Sold the World
  • “All the Madmen:” David meets Andy Warhol, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed.
  • “Lady Stardust:” Hunky Dory, the Third First David Bowie Album
  • “It’s No Game:” David Bowie tells Melody Maker magazine that he is gay.
Part 2: Rock Star

  • “Across the Universe:” The Spring, Summer and Fall of Ziggy Stardust
  • “The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell:” Transformer, Raw Power and David Bowie.
  • “Slip Away:” Aladdin the USA
  • “Here Comes the Night:” David Bowie “retires.”
  • “I’m Dreaming My Life:” Pinups
  • “A New Career in a New Town:” Ex-Pat
  • “We Are the Dead:” …and Ziggy played guitar.
  • “Where Have All the Good Times Gone:” David Live
  • “I Can’t Explain:” David appears on The Dick Cavett Show.
  • “She’ll Drive the Big Car:” BBC airs Alan Yentob’s Bowie documentary Cracked Actor.
  • “Sweet Thing:” Plastic Soul
  • “Bring Me the Disco King:” David has his first US #1 when “Fame” hits the top of the Billboard charts.
  • “Five Years:” After finding out he was broke, David breaks ties with manager Tony Defries.

Part 3: Musician

  • “Blackout:” The Thin White Duke
  • “Across the Universe:” The Man Who Fell to Earth
  • “Can You Hear Me:” RCA issue the platinum-selling greatest hits record Changesonebowie.
  • “Modern Love:” David tells Playboy he’s bisexual.
  • “This Is Not America:” The Berlin Years
  • “Dum Dum Boys:” The Idiot, Lust for Life and Later, the Recycling Thereof
  • “The Loneliest Guy:” Low
  • “Beauty and the Beast:” “Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy” with Bing Crosby
  • “Speed of Life:” David apologizes in Melody Maker for previous statements supporting fascism, blaming it on the drugs.
  • “Future Legend:” A Slow-Burning Hit with “Heroes” if Not So Much “”Heroes””
  • “A Small Plot of Land:” Lodger
  • “Fashion:” David performs on Saturday Night Live, accompanied by Klaus Nomi and Joey Arias.
  • “Cracked Actor:” David Bowie premieres in the theatrical production of Elephant Man.
  • “New Killer Star:” David appears on Carson.
  • “Art Decade:” Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)
  • “Too Dizzy:” “Under Pressure”
  • “Look Back in Anger:” David criticizes MTV for not playing more videos by black artists.

Part 4: Showman

  • “Starman:” David signs a $17 million deal with EMI, kicking off thecollaboration with Let’s Dance.
  • “The Stars (Are Out Tonight):” The Serious Moonlight tour hits the US Festival.
  • “Day-In Day-Out:” Kurt Loder assures America about Bowie.
  • “Sense of Doubt:” Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence
  • “Shake It:” Let’s dance some more.
  • “Hang Onto Yourself:” David Bowie’s influential older brother Terry Burns commits suicide.
  • “Beat of Your Drum:” Bowie and Jagger duet on “Dancing in the Street” in support of Live Aid.
  • “Fascination:” Labyrinth
  • “Rock ‘n’ Roll with Me:” David co-produces and writes six songs on Iggy Pop’s Blah-Blah-Blah album.
  • “Come and Buy Me Toys:” Never Let Me Down and The Glass Spider Tour
  • “You Belong in Rock ‘n’ Roll:” “Tin machine, tin machine…”

Part 5: Rock Icon

  • “Reality:” The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert
  • “Girl Loves Me:” David marries Iman Abdulmajid.
  • “You’ve Been Around:” Black Tie White Noise
  • “Dead Man Walking:” Outside
  • “Breaking Glass:” The Infamous US Tour Following Nine Inch Nails
  • “Win:” Bowie’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction
  • “Everyone Says ‘Hi:’” David’s 50th Birthday Concert at Madison Square Garden
  • “Joe the Lion:” David Bowie and the Urban Jungle
  • “I Can’t Give Everything Away:” Bowie Bonds
  • “Looking for Satellites:” David launches Bowienet, essentially the first good website by a musician.
  • “Looking for Water:” ‘hours…’
  • “I’m Afraid of Americans” The Concert for New York City

Part 6: Artist

  • “I Took a Trip on a Gemini Spaceship:” Heathen
  • “Boss of Me:” David Bowie turns down a knighthood.
  • “Where Are We Now?:” Reality
  • “Fantastic Voyage:” David Bowie performs his last full concert.
  • “Dancing Out in Space:” Is David’s last public performance a three-song set at a charity event at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York?
  • “Fame:” The Grammys recognize Bowie, however belatedly.
  • “Lazarus:” The Next Day
  • “Golden Years:” David Bowie is opens at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.
  • “Ashes to Ashes:” David Bowie delivers Blackstar, then dies in New York.

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